DSC Arlitas C10 Wood impregnant green colour

Treated article incorporates biocidal products. The active substance – didecyldimethylammonium chloride, CAS No. 7173-51-5, EC No. 230-525-2 – 1,0%. Read the label and instructions for use, professional users – the safety data sheet before use.
Gives a natural, long-lasting colour to the wood, protects sawn timber and wood products such as terraces and fences from effects of adverse weather. It can be used for indoor and outdoor wood processing and for wood intended for transportation. Contains no chromium compounds. May not be used in food, beverage and feed initial packaging, children toys, wooden hulls, wooden structures and aquaculture equipment processing. Arlitas®C10 gives the long lasting green colour to the wood. The product is available in dark green and brown. In time, exposed to weathering, copper compounds on the wood surface oxidise and wood obtains a silver hue.
Shelf life is unlimited. Keep container tightly closed.


DSC has developed excellent products for the protection of different surfaces. DSC Arlitas C10 Brown impregnant (brown colour) for the long-term protection of wood persistently stays on the wood as it ages and becomes older, making it ideal for treating structural timber, fences and terraces. Its unique feature is that it easily penetrates inside the wood and can not only be used for soaking or lubrication, but also for spraying. You will easily and quickly cover large surface areas with DSC Arlitas C10 Brown impregnant.

DSC Masonry Repellent for Brick and Stone is designed to protect concrete, masonry and stone from negative ambient effects. DSC Masonry Repellent for Brick and Stone is solvent-based and, therefore, easily absorbed, acting inside the structure, out of the reach of UV rays. Surfaces treated with this substance perfectly repel water. Concrete, brick, and clinker walls become resistant to adverse weather conditions. Today’s modern buildings are constructed by means of superposed roofs and three layer façade technology, therefore, such facades are strongly exposed to rain. DSC Masonry Repellent for Brick and Stone is indispensable for such facades.


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